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Dora Jonathan-Withers
PhD, LLM, Dip CBT, Dip C.Hyp/NLP

I am a qualified and experienced psychologist who specialises in the treatment of depression, panic, anxiety, low self confidence/Low self esteem, as well as addictive disorders including, eating, smoking and drug addictions. I have worked in Mental Health for over twenty years in England. My practice also offers NLP life coaching. I offer a confidential and individual approach using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, MindfulnessCBT for difficult and recurring depression and other techniques to help my clients with their problems.

Ron Withers
Front of house

I work at front of house offering you a warm and compassionate welcome to WOSPS.  My background is Sales and Marketing with a major media organisation, and I took early retirement on health grounds.

Being a husband, father and grandfather, I bring an understanding to my role as I have suffered from psychological distress and therefore have first hand knowledge of what it feels like to be ill. This experience gives me insight into the distress experienced by our clients.

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