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Do you have a difficult emotional connection with food?

In weight loss hypnosis, we can help you to explore and undo casual reasons for bad eating habits.

We help you identify positive intention and help you learn to eat when you are actually hungry and not when triggered by some negative inner feeling.

Hypnotherapy can make the difference when your good intentions go a bit pear, apple or even cream cake shaped.  It can make the difference between a small lapse and a major binge

Diets not only don’t work, but they damage self-esteem.

  • Does a little voice in your head tell you that your efforts are pointless, fat, lazy or worthless?
  • Are you too busy?
  • Does on doughnut or packet of crisps always seem to turn to more?
  • Can you imagine your life or figure any other way?
  • Do you keep making excuses for eating the wrong foods and not exercising?
  • Did you think your health and fitness goals through?
  • When are you least likely to exercise and eat well?
  • Do you appreciate your body for all the amazing things it does?
  • Are you regularly too tired to exercise?
  • Do you keep putting your diet and exercise plans off?

If this is you, come and talk to us if you are serious about making the life changes you always wanted to make. Using Gastric-Band hypnotherapy, you can and you will lose weight!

These are the ten steps to a happier weight and lifestyle change.  If this is you, come and talk to me if you are serious about making the life changes you always wanted to make.

Using Gastric-Band hypnotherapy, you can and you will lose weight!!

Get in touch and change your life.

Testimonial of a happy weight loss client:

"As I am getting older and closer to the big 50, early alarm bells concerning my health started and I knew I had to do something drastic to lose weight now before it was too late. Like many people out there I have tried to diet, start exercising, lost some weight and then a few months later put it back on again and the vicious circle continued. Not only physically was I unhappy but mentally too, low self worth, motivation and desire to love myself.
I was recommended West of Scotland Psychological Services and I went to see them.  They suggested their Virtual Gastric band weight loss programme. I was a little sceptical but intrigued about clinical hypnotherapy and it sounded too good to be true and that it would be like any other diet programme I had been on. I was so wrong.  Before starting the programme they asked me to go on the net and research the treatment to ally an concerns I may have which is important to aiding motivation.
Weighing 11 stones mid February 2016 I started my journey with WOSPS and after 4 (2 hour) sessions and guidance, I have lost nearly 3 stones which was my target in just over 6 months. Not only has the weight shifted but my whole attitude to food has changed.  I no longer overeat, I listen to my body, now recognise hunger, think about the type of food I am putting into my body.  No foods are forbidden so it allows you to get rid of that diet mentality but it forces you to question yourself before eating unhealthy foods.  I have also started drinking 2-3 litres of water which I never did and my tea intake has reduced.  I haven’t touched a fizzy drink since I started.
My self worth and confidence has improved as I feel good about my body and I like what I have achieved.  I look forward to my daily 15 – 20 minutes  exercise with high intensity component, and the fact that my clothes feel too big for me.
Thank you WOSPS for giving me another lifeline and the best thing is I will maintain this weight loss and there is no going back."
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