Stress Management

Stress is a positive force that improves our performance, however, stress is implicated in many illnesses and stress that is out of our control can cost us our wellbeing.

What is stress?

Stress is a positive force that improves our performance. When we are crossing a busy road we are likely to feel slightly stressed, alert, vigilant and aware of the danger and hence we cross in safety. If we were not stressed by the traffic we might be a danger to ourselves.

Stress if rather like an electric current; it gives us energy but if the current is turned up too high it can produce unpleasant effects and cause a deterioration in performance.

However, stress is implicated in many illnesses. Stress that is out of our control is costing us our wellbeing. Stress that is out of control is costing our organisations their efficiency and hitting the bottom line. So that is what stresses us out!

In our highly technological world in which we now live, the word stress has become very commonly used. But in fact, stress is not the cause – stress  is the symptom – pressure is the cause. Stress means the inability to cope with pressure.

Stress describes the inability to cope with certain amounts of pressure, whether it is caused by too much or too little.

Stress shows itself in different ways according to personality; metabolism; upbringing; cultural differences; changes in weather and light; and many kinds of evolving and progressing problems.

From a positive angle, pressure allows us to grow. Pressure is important in encouraging us to succeed and develop ourselves in ways which exceed our highest aspirations.

But in our modern world pressure comes at us from many angles, at so many different times, making it difficult to cope.

How do you respond to pressure?

  • Are you a person who needs a great deal of mental stimulation to release yourself from pressure?
  • Are you happier on a one to one basis? Sharing your feelings and ideas with someone you already trust?
  • Are you a person who needs to lead? – in fact, who experiences pressure and stress when they are being told what to do by somebody else, when somebody else is at the helm?

Is this you at work?

  • Bottle up feelings
  • Work long hours
  • Don’t delegate
  • Don’t say no
  • Take work home
  • Be a perfectionist
  • Procrastinate and avoid
  • Don’t take breaks
  • Don’t talk about it
  • Squeeze out hobbies

How stress manifests

Below are some of the ways that stress manifests itself:

  • Palpitations
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Insomnia
  • Hair loss
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhoea, migraines and headaches
  • Being quick, angry and easily frustrated
  • Being lethargic
  • Unable to raise your energy to meet the magnitude of a situation

Effects of stress on the individual:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Behavioural

So, what are the options available to deal with stress?

A lot of doctors are finding that people are no longer satisfied with being given tranquillisers – anti-depressants and sleeping tablets and general pain-killers. They want something holistic so that they can learn, understand and therefore developed coping strategies to deal with it.

What we offer at WOSPS:

At WOSPS we offer holistic therapy that will reach you on a deeper level to enable a balance of energy over a much longer period of time, where the cause of your imbalance will be addressed, not just  a symptomatic relief that masks the problem.

At  WOSPS, we understand that the key to harmonious life is balance.  Balance means that we attend to all the facets of your life to help you achieve a harmonious lifestyle.

At WOSPS, we help you to know yourself, the kind of lifestyle that suits you, the kind of personality you are thereby enabling you to cope with the pressures of modern life.

Everyone can benefit from experiencing and learning the gentle power of conscious relaxation – the art of bring the gap between body and mind allowing you to feel united in complete self-awareness.

How many times have you suddenly realized that you are holding your breath or twisting your neck for too long and created a discomfort?  This pattern of being out of touch with your body’s basic balance and needs is one of the main causes of stress.

At WOSPS, we will help you understand your unique stressors and how to deal with it by tailoring your treatment to your unique sets of issues.

Are you suffering from stress?

On the face of it, how do you know you are stressed? Our simple self-test will help you to focus on behaviours and attitudes that contribute to stress.

Stress Test

Mark your scores;  Never = 1,   Sometimes = 2,  Most of the time = 3,  Always = 4

Be as true to yourself as possible.

1- I need things my way

2- I blame others for how I feel

3- I find it difficult to show emotion

4- I find I can be angered easily

5- I find my work unfulfilling

6- I find my personal life unfulfilling

7- I focus on the negative

8- I resist change

9- I find it hard to be decisive

10- I don’t act for fear of failing

11- I respond poorly to criticism

12- Irush even when there is no hurry

13- I don’t make time for myself

14- I feel I must say yes to requests

15- I feel unappreciated

16- I feel I have to do everything myself

17- If things don’t workout I blame myself

18- I work flat out

19- I feel the need to compete

20- I find it hard to relax.


Scores: 1 – 20  you are very laid back, maybe a more pro-active approach to life and greater motivation would be good ?

Scores : 20 – 40  things seem generally well balanced; learning how to relax deeply will only make things better.

Scores: 40 – 60  things are getting a little out of control learning to manage your stress should be something you recognise you need

Scores: 60 – 80 Stress is the dominant thing in your life and you need to get it under control as a priority.

The above self test is only an indicator of behaviours and attitudes that can contribute to increasing our stress levels.  We may fluctuate quite dramatically from time to time.  Please treat the above test as an indicator only and not a full description of your stress and motivation.

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