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Dora & Ron Just a brief note to convey my gratitude for how you have guided me through this most testing of times. Dora, you are an angel and you have lit up my darkest days. Thank you for equipping me for the next stage of my recovery and thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that are laid out in front of me. For making it clear to me that I alone hold the key to my health. "Walk boldly forward towards that, that scares you - and the universe will conspire to help you" - Anon
Thirteen years ago I left my challenging high intensity career to prioritise parenting my wonderful children. Surprising myself, I walked away from ambition, recognition, the niche and expertise I had carefully crafted, and embraced motherhood. It is the story of many mothers. I poured my creativity into my children, and as time became more my own, poured it also into multiple projects, serially learning new skills, juggling voluntary and minor paid roles, building dreams for others. When I came to Dora my confidence was low, I was paralysed by the simple conversational ‘so what is it you do’ question. I hardly recognized myself. Who was I; what was I going to do when I grew up? Dora’s skilful coaching put me back in touch with my deep skill set, allowed me to recognize the damaging thinking patterns I had got into over the years, and helped me to visualize a new direction. Dora draws on her experience as psychologist, lawyer, businesswoman; uses a skill box which includes CBT, coaching, NLP and clinical hypnotherapy to work at an intense level which few coaches could match. Through frankness, kindness and persistent honest challenge she empowered me to take practical responsibility for achieving my own goals again. It’s a long road, but we have travelled a vast distance in a few short months. I know where I am going, and it looks good.
Dear Dora, May I take this opportunity to thank you for the care and attention you have shown to me and my family over the past few months. I was suicidal, crying, of low self-esteem, with no confidence, no appetite for life with nothing to live for verging on alcoholism unable to cope with the loss of my wife and my own injuries. But thanks to you, your intense therapy and caring nature, you have turned my life around and I now see a future. Thank you, Most Sincerely,
Dear Dora, Thank you for helping us get our son back. When we came to see you, we thought all was lost and had no idea whether you could help. But on that first consultation, you put our mind at rest with your warm and caring nature. You gave our boy hope and after that first meeting, he was willing and happy to attend. You did not judge him and that was important. With your kind help, you gently guided and nurtured him to good mental health. He now has a future and it is good. We all know that there maybe hurdles on the way but he now has the tools to deal with it. Thank you
I came to WOSPS for help with a serious gambling addiction. The help I received has worked well for me in combatting my addiction and also in providing support for me through some very difficult times. Looking forwards it has enabled me to find ways of dealing with the addiction in the future. Beyond this, I have found my therapy to be very useful in many areas of my life, and feel that I have already been able to make very positive changes in my life in general.
My mother made me ( Thank you mum) come to WOSPS. It has changed my life from being an angry and I mean a very angry young man to a calm, emotionally intelligent and understanding person I am today. Thank you WOSPS.
Meeting Dr. Dora Withers was the turning point in my life. I came to work with Dora following a protracted period of acute anxiety, crippling depression and a destructive dependence on alcohol. Quite simply, my life had become a never ending bad dream. I had become a nowhere man. This unfortunate circumstance was the result of a long period of intense emotional pressure and a series of traumatic events. This resulted in me being prescribed a series of tranquilisers, anti-depressants and powerful psychiatric medications. I had also been referred for psychological counselling. Both strands of medical intervention made matters much worse making me resistant to the idea that I could ever be helped. From the outset, Dora demonstrated a clear personal commitment to getting me well. No time or other constraints were placed upon me. I had not previously received personal commitment. I had in fact been treated as a problem, not as a person. I had therefore come to believe that I would never recover, a state of mind exacerbated by a statement, made under a consultant psychiatrist's 'duty of care', that recovery might never be achieved. After a period working under the close guidance of Dora, using a blend of CBT and psychotherapy, I made a series of breakthroughs. I entered into an unparalleled period of emotional stability and mental good health. This did not happen overnight, and Dora never pretended it would. It was achieved through structure, compassion and encouragement. My gratitude is immense. I did recover, and am continuing to recover, enjoying a life that is free from the twin blights of acute anxiety and depression. If you are unwell, you may believe recovery is beyond you, particularly if you have been ill for some time. Please believe this, your recovery is possible, a reality, and you will return to a rewarding and fulfilling life. Working under Dora's guidance and duty of care, you will get better and have a bright future.